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You Are My Sun, My Moon And All My Stars

2019, Oil on Canvas (40x50cm/16x20"), NFS

Originally a piece done for a choir poster for a concert of the same title, this is an artwork I loved making. The image came to my mind straightaway and flowed out onto the canvas without any struggle. I used a lot of blue - I love blues.

With a surreal fantasy edge, it works on the theme of vastness and permanence/impermanence that I'm constantly trying to find ways to express. The figures in the rock, the sea, the sky, the sun, moon and stars will all remain long after we're gone, but even they will eventually crumble away or fizzle out.

It all sounds so depressing! But on the contrary - we have our moment of love and life under the stars and to revel in that is the most important thing!

A follower on Instagram made a comment about this piece that I love: It's like a portal into another world...

I'd love to think that's a thing I can provide to a viewer.

You Are My Sun.jpg
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