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Other Artists and Resources


When you purchase a piece of art on a wood panel or canvas they come unframed as standard. You can, however, request that I frame it for you. I'm very happy to do that at an extra cost - do message me to chat about it.

The reason I sell artworks unframed is because, often, people wish to choose their own frame. In this case, I recommend taking them to a local framer to get it done professionally.

You can do it yourself if you feel confident! Bear in mind that wood panels are a little heavier and benefit from being glued or screwed into the frame (personally, I prefer screws). Jackson's Art is a good place to source custom tray frames specifically for wood panel paintings.

United ArtSpace

If you are an artist, go check out United Artspace! They offer fantastic free and paid courses in furthering your art practice and running your business. You can also join the UAS Hub and take advantage of being a part of a whole community of artists with a whole spectrum of experience in the art world.

KJOsborne Artist

Contemporary artist working in acrylic, mixed media and watercolour.

Laura Rainbow - Ceramicist

Clay and cosmic energy unite in the skilful hands of Laura Rainbow (real surname!) as she creates stilysed unique sculptures inspired by freedom and nature.

Kate Ravenscroft

Beautiful and sensitive coloured pencil and watercolour artworks.

Rob Hobson

On the offchance that you're a musician (as it happens, I'm a musician as well as an artist!) Rob is a music producer with a wealth of experience. If you need recording, mixing, mastering or an entire production package, talk to him.

Amalgam Glass Fusion

Welcome to the world of glass - a place where the perfect combination of beauty and functionality is transformed into art.

Butch & Manny

Immerse yourself in the expressionist world of Bryan Sanders as Butch and Manny.

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