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Test and Trace

2020, Oil on Paper, A4

This piece was produced for the Golden Thread Sketchbook Project. It was a collective of artists from around the world creating art through lockdown, connected by a golden thread. See the project on Instagram: @goldenthreadsketchbook, Facebook: or visit our website!


Test and Trace is, essentially, a graph: Covid-19 cases plotted against mental state. Order trying to form from chaos, set to the music of Vaughan Williams.

As an abstract painting, I have my own reasons for it all and there are hidden meanings to be unravelled, or even invented, by the viewer. 

The circular cycles of the lives of people produce ripples of cause and effect, shaping how events move forward. Lockdown has seen us framed and trapped: looking through our windows to the outside, or peeking into others’ lives via our computer screens. Meanwhile, the lark attempts to ascend… 

Track and Trace(47dpi).jpg
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