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Scout in the Snow

Oil and dog hair on wood panel, 16x12", 2023, NFS

Dedicated to my dog, Scout, who died on January 4th, 2023.

I adopted Scout in the Winter of 2007 - a Dogs' Trust rescue.

I always said we rescued each other: I was in a dark place when she came into my life and she was like a bright spark of light that kept me going.

She is very missed.

We had a little collection of her stray hairs and I cut some up to put in the paint when I added her to the painting.

That day (c.2010) was foggy and atmospheric - we were in Tyldesley, Lancashire, visiting my family. Shortly after I took the photo this is based upon, Scout went running and skidded half way over the ice with her legs flailing.

Scout in the Snow72dpi.jpg
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