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Weather Witches

Weather Witches

This set of little weather witches are ready to go to new homes to wreak havoc. I mean… charm your house with benevolent magic…?


These miniature oil paintings in their hand crafted frames are part of my ongoing Tempestarii series of artworks. The Tempestarii were believed, in Medieval times, to have the ability to influence the weather and to cause or subdue storms. Offering them material tributes could ensure safety from meteorological disasters.


In my imagined portrayal, they are almost indistinguishable from the land itself, appearing in a form which looks human, but is vague and dark. They are symbolic of our history and ancestry, the roles of women in society and, in a contemporary sense, the way we have tipped the balance of our own climate with devastating results. Take them as you will, as a reminder of where we’ve come from, as a symbol of connection with nature, or as a warning of our own power now.


There are 8 currently available - simply check the numbered photos photos and pick the number of the one you'd like in the drop down option. Each is approx 11x13.5cm, including the frame, which has been hand crafted by the artist. They come complete with D rings and wire, ready to hang.

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