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Ragwort 72dpi.jpg
Charley Hellier

Art with atmosphere

"I want to create extraordinary atmospheric artworks that you really feel deeply. I want you to find yourself in a space that either exists in your memory or beyond: in your imagination. Once there, I want you to dive deeper, to discover the meaning of the piece. My ideas are based in history, the environment and philosophy. They are works to sit and ponder as you look at them on your wall." 

Currently Showing at:
Look Gallery, Helmsley

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"I commissioned Charley to do a triptych painting for me a while back, and I was so happy with the result! I gave some relatively vague ideas around style and colour palette, and she immediately understood what I was after and the result was exactly what I wanted. I also appreciated being kept in the loop throughout the process so I could see how it was progressing."


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