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Oil on Wood Panel, 24x18", 2021, £850

As an abstract, it is open to your response. Let me know what it means to you – I love to hear your interpretations!

This one has allowed me to explore some techniques to achieve textures I love, but also to explore my thoughts.

Obviously, in its palette, it’s a cold piece – a frozen snapshot of time. Maybe it’s a vision of the future somehow – all life gone. The vague, destroyed bridge across the landscape, pretty much defying sense or physics in a surreal mirage. Perhaps it’s a message or a warning that we should be helping each other more – listening and understanding more, being more giving, more welcoming, connecting more. With all our means of connectivity now… networking, information at the touch of a button, the world becoming smaller… we have become more withdrawn and isolated, angry and confused.

The Bridge 30dpi.jpg
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