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Civilisation #3

Subtitle: Burning and Drowning at the Same Time
2021, Acrylic on Paper, 39x29cm/15x11" £85

This one came about while trying to channel the sheer panic I often feel about where we are now: the demise of the planet, the brutal greed of certain people in political and corporate power and the many facets of social injustice. We’re spiraling into devastation – in this case, burning and drowning at the same time, literally and metaphorically.
As usual, there are the little cave art style representations of humans and animals. I've spent a lot of time recently considering the history of humanity and our 'civilisation'. A couple of times, I’ve left one human figure on their own, high up in the image. It’s up to you, the viewer, to decide what that represents…

3_Civilisation #3_15.25x11.25_2021.jpg
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