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Civilisation #1

Subtitle: 'Will of the People'
2021, Acrylic on Paper, 15x11" £85

This painting came from a dark place and reflects despair at the world, for many different reasons. The subtitle for this is 'Will of the People', referencing both the bleak political state of the UK and the perpetual devastation to the planet.
People queue up to jump off a cliff as the sun is blotted out.
References to cave painting explore our connection with our ancestors and what they would have thought of us - not to idealise the past, as we were less than perfect in our relationship with the world back then too.
The Cerne Abbas Giant is also subtly present, scratched into the paint, complete with his huge phallus.

1_Civilisation #1_15.25x11.25_2021.jpg
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