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Acrylic on Wood Board, 16x12", 2021


There are many reasons behind this. I don't like to over-explain abstracts of this nature, as I like the viewer to have their own response and pull out their own meaning from it. Please take a moment with it before reading on...


I've been working on getting the backgrounds right for these types of artworks, creating a sense of infinity, space and calm. In a way, it is an idea of nature in its purest form, untouched and unseen by humanity. But then there is a jagged scar of darkness - a wounding tear. To achieve this, I sculpted it into the gesso stage of preparing the board, so the tear is a 3D element in the painting.


Perhaps it is humanity's collective effect of destruction upon nature. Perhaps it's that feeling that everything is intrinsically wrong, in politics, in society and there's no turning it around. Perhaps it's the universe warning us. Perhaps it is an internal scream of despair.


What is it to you?

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