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MistySummer x1.jpg

Artist Statement

"My current artwork channels a deep sorrow for the state of our world and the climate crisis, particularly the burden it places on my innocent children. There is a dichotomy in my work. Some are foreboding and dark, a bridge between us and our past through the mythology of storm creation. Some, however, appear peaceful, quiet and hazy. These seemingly idyllic depictions of nature and weather cycles shield my children from the harsh truth. Yet a mist lingers on the distant horizon, a symbol of our uncertain future.

I work with oils, a medium that allows me to adapt and evolve my creations over time, which is fundamental to the meaning of the pieces. These paintings serve as gateways to childhood memories, familiar landscapes, and imagined realms. My inspiration stems from North Yorkshire's moorlands, history, philosophy, folklore, ancestry, and the force of weather."

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